When Cultivating Motivation Is Key

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I had the great pleasure of publishing an article on how to cultivate motivation in your organization for the Manufacturing Leadership Council. Snippet below.

Organizations need to hold on to existing talent while attracting new talent in order to stay competitive and relevant. Recent research lays out a future where talent with key manufacturing skill sets will be in short supply and the shortage will continue to expand to an estimated 2.4 million unfilled positions, which will put $2.5 trillion in manufacturing GDP at risk over the next decade2.

To prevent this, leaders need to be equipped to attract and retain highly skilled team members to meet the demands of current and future customers. Old reward and punishment models designed for the 20th century worker will need to be replaced with new models, proven by behavioral science, for the leap forward. These new models do not change the leader’s endgame, but they improve an organization’s ability to achieve it.

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Written on August 6, 2020