Do not forget linting!

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If you come from a statically typed language background then a lot of what linting in the javascript world does for you has just been there in your IDE. Indention enforcement, code conventions, are styles you can configure in your Java/C# IDE. Should we have been using linting in Java? Maybe so. This would ensure coding style standards are embedded in the build pipeline but it is not typically a huge problem. With JavaScript and even TypeScript it can be a huge problem. Thus linting is absolutely necessary in group projects. Airbnb actually publishes their eslint rules to github ( I’m going to use the airbnb lint styles in my project. While I think this coding standard is primarily for their frontend code I see nothing that prevents it from being utilized for backend services. Here is my first lint run: Lint Output You can see over 4,000 problems but let’s run it again with –fix. You can see most of these problems are CRLF expected but found LF (something in vscode maybe?) but there are also some indention preferences for 4 spaces instead of 8 (again my vscode setup?). Here is after running with –fix: Lint Fix Output Down to 300+ which I expected as I have not completed my conversion from JavaScript to TypeScript so we’ll do that first and then run this again.

Written on November 4, 2021