REPL Driven Development

tags: #clojure #tdd #financialPortfolio

As I have been working on the IDE setup and executing my first “Hello World!” clojure program I’ve already come across the concept of REPL Driven Development (RDD). I’m already familiar with REPL (Read Evaluate Print Loop), however, there seems to be some thought that you can frame REPL Driven Development against Test Driven Development. Reference here: REPL Driven Development. I defintely see the value in using REPL during development to remove some noise you may get in TDD, however, I do not see it as an either-or concept rather I see it as a compliment to TDD. I don’t see where RDD is a discipline that can be replicated and managed across teams. TDD, however, can be a development dicipline enforced in your organizations development cycle. Clearly I’m no expert but at this early stage I’m skeptical that RDD is a software development best practice implementable at a team or org level. I do see it as a good practice to onboard in your personal development workflow. As well TDD is implementable across all languages where REPL can only be implemented in languages that have a REPL which is not common amongst the most adopted languages.

Written on December 31, 2021